Chula Goonewardene MBACP
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Chula developed CJG London apparel to encompass and express his passion for the life-changing power of Psychotherapy and 12-Step Recovery, to provoke constructive discussion, raise awareness and support the transformation of the still-suffering individual.

He hopes that through his designs you will experience a nudge towards the re-igniting of the flames of inspiration, creativity and enlightenment within your self that will lead to positive change of some kind, however large or small.


Chula Janesha Goonewardene is a British Sri Lankan born in London and works as a Clinical Consultant, Director and Psychotherapist under BACP, BAPAM and BAATN registration.

Chula spent his former years as a musician; starting as a classically trained pianist and violinist, becoming a self-taught guitarist and drummer, and then enjoyed a professional career in music during his 20’s.

Coming into recovery in 2003 after several years of Heroin addiction, Chula now has a thriving private practice, CM Therapy Harley Street, and provides clinical consultancy, training and supervision to institutions such as Steps2Recovery, Music Support, Help Musicians UK, and the Centre for Social Justice.

Chula is currently the Co-Founder & Clinical Director of Attune, delivering bespoke mental health and well-being support packages for successful creatives and influencers in the music, entertainment and sport industries.